Meet the team – Muskan Gupta

  • February 2, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

Tell us more about yourself, Muskan

I was born and brought up in Digboi, Assam. I did my engineering at NIIT Neemrana, where I did my Computer Science Engineering, with a specialization in Data Science. I finished the course in 2020 and have been an intern since. I am an active sportsperson, I play badminton and basketball.

Wow, that was a long way from Assam to Rajasthan for your studies.

Yes. But it was a good college and I received a full scholarship, so it was a good decision.

What were your expectations from your first job?

Actually, I didn’t have any set expectations. Most of my family run their own business so growing up, I didn’t really see anyone having a regular 9 to 5 job. In fact, one thing I was clear about that whatever I do, I should have my own identity.

How has the pandemic affected you?

A lot professionally. It was hard to get into the job market and although I have done a few internships now, they didn’t pan out as I thought I was not the best fit. Personally, it was hard too. I couldn’t go play sports at all. Plus, being an extrovert, being cooped up at home was tough.

Would you like to work remotely or from office?

I would like to come to the office as it creates a strong team spirit. I believe that it would really help me learn better.

What are the few of the top learnings from your internship at Fincity?

This internship has taught me a lot – from how to be effective while communicating in a fast-paced environment, to make me think about how important it is to build and expand your professional networking. I always had the belief that the corporate world means “no-mistakes”, but here, I have learned that making mistakes is okay, until and unless you are learning from it and not repeating the same.

Great. In your first full time job, what was an eye opener for you in terms of a professional life?

Let me be honest, an eye-opener is not always the big things of the industry, but also the small things matter and can put a huge impact on how an individual perceives an industry. Working at Fincity was such an experience, and as an eye-opener, I realized that it’s not the big picture that needed to understand but the small features that needed to be perfected. Here I was able to see how the small feature that I develop was fitting into the big picture. just like creating waves of the same type and producing a constructive beautiful pattern which for the first time I can see in motion. And another eye-opener for me, although not related to work, is that life has a complex topography. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine, and valleys of frustration and failure, but if you are with the right people those summits can easily be protracted, and similarly, those valleys condensed.

How do you want to chart your career?

Once I gain additional experience, I would like to have the opportunity to move on from a technical position to a management and leadership role. I know this is not a common path for many people in this position, and I think in time this would be a logical move forward for me. However, for now, I am excited about focusing on and applying my technical skills in this job.

Would you recommend Fincity to your friends as a great place to work? And why?

Yes, of course. For one, I found everyone here very approachable and helpful. The work culture is open and collaborative – everyone’s voice is heard and there is a lot of flexibility given. Being a product-oriented company, there is always some interesting features to be built.

Thank you, Muskan. It is wonderful to have you in the team. We wish you a fantastic career journey ahead!

Written by: Marketing Fincity

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