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FAQs on Personal Loan EMI Calculator

A personal loan EMI calculator shows you the different possible EMIs that you could end up paying, depending on different loan parameters like loan amount, interest rate, repayment tenure, etc.

EMI is how much you’ll pay monthly to eventually clear off your loan. Your EMI depends on the total amount (principal) you wish to borrow, the number of months (tenure) in which you wish to pay it back, and the interest rate of the loan.

Some people like to borrow a huge loan and pay it off quickly – this means their EMI amount will be higher, but they’ll be paying for a low number of months.

Others prefer to borrow a minimal loan amount and pay it off over many years – this means their EMI amount will be lower, but they’ll be paying for a greater number of months.

Some people want to find the best match between the monthly payment amount and the number of months they’ll have this burden.
Whatever your personal preference – use this easy and intuitive calculator for personal loans to find out your payment liability in all different scenarios!

Fincity’s online EMI calculator tells you the different EMI possibilities (i.e. Different possible monthly installments) you’ll have to pay depending on different loan amounts and tenures.

Fincity online EMI Calculator is super easy to use – just input the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate and the calculator does the rest! You can even use the slider to adjust the loan amount, tenure, or interest rate to see results in real time. Just drag the intuitive slider to see different scenarios instantly.

Taking a personal loan is a huge financial step – and is always a step-up to upgrade your lifestyle. Owning a property has immense benefit – a massive asset in your name and no rent for life! Such a life changing decision should not be taken lightly, and we at
Fincity believe that you should take an informed decision. That’s why we’ve developed this Personal Loan EMI Calculator and connect you with the best and cheapest personal loans in the market.

Fincity is dedicated to help you get the best possible personal loan – at the lowest interest rates from the best banks – using our technology to do all the running around for you!

If you miss an EMI payment or cannot pay your EMIs for a month or two, the bank may levy a penalty charge. Generally, if you miss your EMI payments for over 3 months, your loan becomes a non-performing asset (NPA) for the bank. Once it becomes a non-performing asset, the bank can initiate proceedings to recoup its loss by appropriating the collateral.

Fincity leverages data and analyses the best personal loan product for you, depending on your individual needs and the type of borrower profile. We check out all the banks and give you the best information to make a decision. When it comes to sorting out finances to buy a house – that’s what Fincity does best!