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  • November 10, 2020
  • 2 minutes read

What is an E-Home Loan? 

Digital loans platform Fincity brings you 1000+ digitized home loan products with the lowest interest rates (as low as 6.9%) from 50+ leading financial institutions/banks and NBFCs. Our mission is to bring home loan to you from comfort / convenience of your home in an end-to-end digital, speedy and transparent manner – being involved in every step of the way right from home loan application all the way till the loan is disbursed.

Here’s what you can expect when you apply for a paperless E-Home loan on Fincity to fulfil your mortgage needs online (be it for a fresh home loan or refinancing your current home loan): 

i) Total Digitization: Imagine the entire process of home loan application to verification to approval taken care of online without you having to physically step out of your house! With strict verification and security protocols in place, the borrower can have this so-called “tedious” task sorted stress-free and in a matter of minutes at no cost to you. 

As you provide information about your requirements, Fincity proprietary technology comes into action! We start working with 50+ lenders and 1,000+ Home Loan products to find the most suitable product for you – we are Customer 1st. You can trust Fincity will provide you with best product in terms of overall loan amount, interest rates, processing fees and other hidden charges. .  

ii) Approval in 10 minutes: Your home loan is approved in just 10 minutes and you get a cashback of up to Rs.30,000, saving you up to 5 lakhs in cost towards agents and middle-men. Plus, you get a free credit report on completion of the application. 

iii) E-Verification: For self-attestation of the loan document, E-KYC and e-signing will be required. Your Aadhar card number will be used to verify details. Since Fincity is committed to speeding up the sanctioning process, a cash crisis is something you will no more have to worry about while your home is under construction.  

iv) Swift Process: Since the process occurs completely online, the process will be fast while being secure.  

v) Assured Loans within a defined period: The applied loan amount will be sanctioned and disbursed within a communicated period. This leaves no confusion on how much and within how long the budget will be available to you. 

vi) Access to Expert Guidance for free: Fincity’s in-house finance experts are available to you at only a click for all the guidance, advice or know-how you need. Write to us on or call on (+91)7022987485 to speak to an expert! 

Get Fast Home Loans in 5 steps within 10 minutes 

  1. Sign up: Sign up and fill up the application with basic personal details. 
  1. Check Credit Score: Get a free Credit Report to know your creditworthiness.  
  1. E-KYC:  Fill up the E-KYC form. 
  1. Income & Property Details: Enter details of your salary and any other source of income.Enter property details like builder name,project name, property address, etc. 
  1. Loan Offers: Explore Loan Offers and find the one most suitable for you. 
  1. E-Sign: Self-attest the document with an e-signature. 

And it’s done; you receive your loan sanction letter!

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Written by: Marketing Fincity

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