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Loan Guard Score

In our CEO’s words – ”We guard our customer’s home loan journey, making sure they secure nothing less than the best deals.”

To stay true to this motto, our team has devised a simple system to monitor, assess, and easily help you understand how much you can save on your Home Loan in just a few clicks.


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First, we help you find out how much more you can save on your current Home Loan with the LoanGuard score. You can then avail of Fincity LoanGuard services for free for the best rates and benefits! Better yet, our experts will also assist you with upgrading to the best option.

Note : Fincity LoanGuard services are available to you only if you have an existing loan.

Fincity has helped save:

₹ 5 Crores for
100 People in the last
2 Years

What is LoanGuard Score?

This is a unique score calculated by Fincity experts that gives you a clear understanding of the maximum savings you can attain with your eligibility, income, age, and other factors in perspective, and the scope of saving you are essentially missing out on with your current home loan plan. Once you are ready to take the next step, you can take the free assistance of our advisors and go ahead and avail of the best plan to ensure optimal savings.

Decoding Your LoanGuard Score

At Fincity, our modus operandi is simplicity. We want to ensure that you choose the right home loan plans to ensure maximum savings!

And so, we have identified three LoanGuard score ranges that help define the extent of savings you still have scope for and are missing out on with your current home loan plan. Essentially, it enables you optimise your home loan plan for maximum savings.

If your score is in the “Weak” range, it means your current Home Loan plan is far from offering you the maximum savings – and you can still save over Rs.5 lakhs with a smarter home loan plan. Connect with Fincity advisors right away and don’t let this huge saving opportunity slip.

If your score falls in the “Covered” range, there’s still hope; you can save anywhere between Rs.2 lakhs and Rs.5 lakhs with a better scheme. A little guidance from our experts can help you bridge that gap in no time!

In case your score falls in the “Shielded” category, you should be proud! You’ve done a great job at finding a great home loan plan for yourself. However, keeping up doesn’t hurt; so make sure you stay updated with our newsletter updates, tips, advises and more.

Weak 0-30

Saving potential of over ₹ 5 Lakhs

This score range means that there’s a major scope to optimize your Home Loan and maximize on savings.

Covered 30-70

Saving potential of ₹ 2-5 Lakhs

This score range reflects that you are saving some amount but availing of better deals can save you a lot more.

Shielded 70-100

Saving potential of ₹ 2 lakhs & less

This score range confirms that your Loan choice is saving you a whopping Rs.5 lakhs or more, which is absolutely great!

How do I get my LoanGuard Score?

Its Simple Click the Button Below

Follow the flow and feed in the required details. When you get to the end and click on “Get Score”, you will be shown one of the below statuses.