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FAQs on Loan Against Properties

Just input the loan amount you require, the tenure of your repayment, and the interest rate you’re getting and let the calculator do the rest! It will show you how much you need to pay as EMIs for different tenures in order to repay your loan fully.

Fincity EMI Calculator for loans against property has an intuitive and easy to use interface where you just slide or drag the indicator to quickly see how much you will owe in different scenarios.

In any loan situation, the bank or lender seeks security and the borrower seeks the highest possible loan amount with favourable repayment terms. When you take a loan against a property, you’re giving the bank a huge confidence boost that you will repay your loan, and you will get excellent interest rates, higher loan amount, and favourable repayment terms in return.

A loan against property is a great way to instil confidence in banks and to get a larger overall loan amount. The property is kept as collateral by the bank until the borrower has repaid the loan as per the chosen tenure.

Benefits of loan against property:

– Higher loan amount

– Lower interest rate

– Lower/no processing fees

– Favorable repayment terms and lower penalties for non-payment of EMI

In the case of a property owned by multiple investors, all co-owners will mandatorily have to sign on as co-applicants for any loan that’s being taken against the property. If the property is owned by a single individual, he or she can bring on a co-applicant or guarantor to increase the loan amount, reduce interest rate, or get the desired repayment tenure.