Investing in Real Estate: 6 Ways to Do it.

  • July 18, 2022
  • 6 minutes read


Investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth and can provide you with the opportunity to earn a significant income. Here’s what you need to know about investing in real estate.

1. How it’s like to Invest in Rental Properties

If you want to invest in real estate, there are many different ways to do so. One of these is by renting out a property you own and live in yourself, or even buying one just to rent it out. You can also purchase multiple properties if they’re close enough together and have some spare bedrooms that aren’t being used as much as others.

For example:

  • Renting out apartments (or homes)
  • Buying houses (or homes), fixing them up, and then selling them quickly when prices go up

Here are some pros and cons of investing in real estate properties:

Pros of Investment in Rental Properties:

  • You can save money on rent or mortgage payments by renting your home or condo.
  • Real estate is an effective way to build wealth over time.
  • You can rent out your home while you’re away on vacation or business trips, which helps cover some of your expenses while you’re away from home.

Cons of Investment in Rental Properties:

  • Real estate can be risky if it’s not managed correctly (e.g., if the market crashes).
  • It may be difficult for investors without experience with real estate investing (we recommend our company Fincity).


2. How it’s like to invest in Commercial Real Estate?

Commercial real estate is any property used for business purposes. Common types of commercial real estate include office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, apartment buildings, and industrial buildings.

Commercial real estate often makes a good investment because it provides a steady stream of income that can be reinvested in other areas such as stocks or bonds.

As a property investor, you might be wondering how to get started. It’s not hard to find great deals in real estate. The problem comes when you want to know whether a property is a good investment. That’s where we come in!

Commercial real estate is an investment that can help you make money and can use to make money in various ways. However, this type of investment has its own set of unique advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of Commercial Real Estate Investing

  • Commercial real estate is often the best way to get involved with a project in a new area. For example, if you invest in residential real estate, you may have to wait years before getting your money back on a project. On the other hand, commercial property is constantly being built and sold, so if you invest in commercial space, you can start seeing earnings immediately.
  • Commercial properties are also less likely to have issues than residential ones because they require less maintenance and upkeep. Some commercial buildings may even be eligible for grants from the government or local banks so they can be renovated quickly without losing their value and tax write-offs! 

Cons of Commercial Real Estate Investing

  • If you want to make money fast with commercial real estate investing, it may not be suitable for you because there is always risk involved in investing in retail space. If someone buys your building and then decides not to use it or renovate it properly, then they could potentially lose all of them.


3. Are Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in India a Good Investment?

REITs (real estate investment trusts) may be your best bet if you’re looking for a property.

Investors own REITs and can be bought and sold on a stock exchange. They invest in real estate, including rental properties, commercial space, and shopping centers.

REITs can be an excellent way to get involved in the real estate industry without worrying about managing properties. These companies hire managers who handle all of their day-to-day operations; they don’t need employees who are experts in construction or finance. They need people with good business sense and patience—precisely what most real estate investors have!

Buying REITs (real estate investment trusts) can be a good option for long-term investments with a regular income.


REITs are stable investments with a high rate of return and little to no risk. They are also often tax-efficient so that investors may enjoy their gains in income tax breaks.


REITs are generally not as liquid as stocks or bonds. They can be challenging to sell if your timing is off—you may have trouble finding a buyer for your shares until the value of the REIT has decreased significantly. 

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4. Are You Considering Flipping Investment Properties?

Well, it’s time to think again.

Flipping investment properties is a great way to earn money but can also be precarious and unpredictable. When you start this business, you’ll need to know what you’re doing and how to do it well. But once you’ve got the hang of things, it’s easy to make more money than if you just bought and sold real estate.

Here are some tips for making the process easier:

  • Make sure your agent understands your goals and expectations from their role in the process. You want someone who works hard for you and knows what they’re doing!
  • Don’t expect them to manage all of your day-to-day responsibilities. It will keep them from being able to provide any honest services or advice when things aren’t going well.
  • Keep track of everything! Make sure that all parties involved are aware of what they agreed upon at each step along the way so there aren’t any surprises later down the road when it comes time for closing dates.


5. How Useful are Online Platforms in Finding Real Estate Investment in India? 

Online real estate investing platforms are a great way to get started as an aspiring real estate investor. They can help you identify properties in your target area, find suitable financing options, and save time and money on your search.

These platforms can offer a wide range of services, including access to free credit reports and property valuation tools. The sites also provide investors with more information about the market they’re looking to invest in and the types of properties available.

However, they also have their drawbacks. One of the most important things to consider when choosing an online real estate investing platform is whether or not it has any dedicated customer service. While most venues offer support via email or chat, some don’t provide this option. Others might only offer phone support or live chat, which can be slower than email or text-based communication.

Another issue with online platforms is that they are often not as user-friendly as offline options. It means that they may not be able to provide detailed information on every property listed on their site; instead, you’ll have to do some legwork yourself if you want more detailed information about each property. It can be frustrating for new investors who don’t know how valuable this information can be when working with a broker or agent.

The downside is that these sites are less personal than local real estate agents, who know their clients by name and can help them navigate the process of buying or selling a home. Online platforms may also be more expensive than traditional methods of investing in real estate due to higher fees charged by these types of companies.

6. Are Land Purchases a Good Investment?

Buying land is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It may seem like a small thing, but it has a huge impact on your financial future, and the health and happiness of your family.

It is a long-term investment, and it will be beneficial to you in the future. The benefits of buying land include:

  1. More than just an asset: you can use your land as collateral for loans; this means you can get a loan without selling any assets.
  2. It’s a hedge against inflation: when inflation rises, so does the value of your property. If you buy land with high appreciation potential, you will benefit from its value increase over time.
  3. You can sell it later for more than what you paid: if you have enough money, then selling it after a few years will increase your net worth significantly.

Investing in real estate is profitable and can provide residual income.

Real estate also offers numerous opportunities when considering short-term investments such as foreclosures or homes needing repairs followed by reselling them at higher prices once fixed up again with new appliances installed inside along with other improvements made during this process being complete!


When you’re investing in real estate, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. We at Fincity can help you find the perfect property and housing loans that will help you make the most of your investment.

Fincity, can take the lead with experience in such investments to ensure your investment is successful. The most beneficial thing about taking advice from our professionals is that we have access to all the latest information on real estate trends. Therefore, we’ll be able to give you advice based on our knowledge and expertise.

At Fincity, we believe that real estate is an excellent way to build wealth. We also believe that it’s important for people to know what they’re getting into before they invest their money.

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