ICICI Bank Home Loan Statements

An ICICI home loan statement will contain details relating to an applicant’s identity, loan account number, principal borrowed, EMIs paid, interest rate applicable, (tenure completed and remaining), penalties accrued (if any), etc. ICICI updates the provisional certificate at the end of every month with the details of EMIs paid, total balance outstanding, etc.

The provisional certificate is a document that’s required for various reasons at different times, as explained below. Also detailed below is the process by which to apply for a provisional home loan certificate from ICICI Bank.

Importance of ICICI bank home loan statement:

There are many scenarios in which a person may be required to provide authentic proof of his/her home loan. Claiming income tax deductions under Section 24 or Section 80(C) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, for example, is an activity that requires the taxpayer to submit evidence of the home loan, EMIs paid, etc.

When and why is a home loan statement or home loan provisional certificate required?

The most common use cases for your ICICI home loan statement are:

  • To apply for tax benefits for interest on EMI paid, etc. The Principal repaid can be claimed for deduction up to Rs.1,50,000 p.a and Rs.2,00,000 p.a. for the interest repaid under different Sections of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Registration fee and stamp duty charges can also be claimed for IT deduction.
  • Provisional certificate of home loan is a legal statement showing repayment of home loan. It can be utilized where proof of repayment is required.
  • To help borrowers keep track of all their home-loan related transactions with ICICI as on the issuing date of the certificate.
  • To gives the borrower a clear picture of the total sum yet to be repaid to the bank and the number of installments due.
  • To calculate debt-to-income ratio of the home loan applicant.
  • To be used as proof or evidence for (any legal reasons) that a home loan repayment is in progress.
  • Any future loans you take from other lenders will also require a copy of your home loan provisional statement.
  • ICICI bank provisional certificate is required to file Income Tax Returns.

When is the ICICI Bank home loan statement generated? When will I get my ICICI home loan provisional certificate?

The ICICI Bank home loan statement is generated and sent to customers at the end of every financial year. However, if a customer requires an updated home loan statement at any time of the year, for any reason, they can download it from the official website of ICICI bank.

How to apply for ICICI Bank Provisional Certificate online?

Step 1 – Login to your ICICI internet banking account by following this link –


Use the login credentials provided to you at the time of opening your home loan account with ICICI bank.

Step 2 – In the tabs on left side of the screen, click on ‘Account summary’.

Step 3 – Under the ‘Account summary’, click on ‘e-statements’ button.

Step 4 – Select your loan account by clicking on the correct account number. If you have more than one account with ICICI, for instance SB account, current account, loan account, etc. make sure you select on the home loan account number.

Step 5 – Select the transaction period by choosing the dates in the ‘Transaction period’ or ‘Transaction date (from) and (to)’.

Step 6 – You can choose to download the generated loan account statement in PDF format or e-mail it to yourself. For downloading the statement, click on ‘E-statement’. Click on ‘PDF’ to generate loan account statement.

To e-mail the generated loan account statement, click on ‘send over e-mail’ button. Enter the e-mail address and click on ‘submit’.

Step 7 – Logout from your internet banking account and close the browser for your account safety.

How to apply for ICICI Bank Provisional Certificate offline?

You can apply for ICICI Bank Provisional Certificate offline by contacting ICICI bank customer care.

ICICI Bank toll-free numbers:

1860 120 7777
1860 120 6699

ICICI bank customer care by city

Mumbai022 33667777
Chennai044 33667777
Kolkata033 33667777
Delhi011 33667777

You can write an e-mail to the ICICI bank customer care on this e-mail address: care@icicibank.com.

Check your ICICI Bank home loan statement through Fincity helpline:

You can check your Piramal Home Loan Statement or Provisional Certificate through Fincity by dialing 080-47188010 or writing to info@fincity.com.

ICICI Bank home loan statement FAQ

  1. How to download ICICI Bank home loan statement online?

To download your ICICI bank home loan statement online, login to your ICICI internet banking account here –


Under the ‘Account summary’ tab and click on ‘e-statements’ button, select your ICICI bank home loan account number and the period for which you require the home loan statement. Your provisional certificate for the requested period will be generated in PDF format. You can download your provisional certificate or e-mail a copy of it to your registered e-mail address.  

  1. How to get ICICI Bank Provisional Certificate offline?

To get your ICICI Bank Provisional Certificate offline, you can head to any of your nearest ICICI bank branch. Provide the ICICI bank representative with your home loan account number, an identity proof in case you are not visiting your home branch, and the period for which you require a provisional certificate. The bank representative will generate the loan statement for the requested period and hand you the printed copy of it.

  1. How can I use my ICICI Bank provisional certificate for IT exemption?

You can submit a copy of your ICICI Bank home loan provisional certificate to the Income Tax department to file Income Tax Returns (ITR).

  1. How to get my ICICI bank home loan statement from Fincity?

You can reach out to Fincity customer care on 080-47188010 or write an e-mail to info@fincity.com. Fincity representative will promptly respond to you.

  1. When can I download ICICI bank home loan statement?

You can download your ICICI bank home loan statement anytime. It is updated at the end of every month.

  1. How can I use my ICICI bank home loan statement?

You can use your home loan statement to file Income Tax Returns (ITR), to submit to any other lenders when you want to get another loan, as a proof that you have an on-going debt repayment.

  1. How can I get my ICICI bank home loan statement from bank branch?

You can visit any ICICI bank branch, provide your loan account number, show a valid ID proof and the ICICI bank representative will generate an updated home loan statement for your loan account. You can get a hard copy or soft copy from the bank official.

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