ICICI Home Loan Application Status 

What is an ICICI Home Loan Tracker? 

Once you apply for a Home Loan with ICICI Bank, once you fill-up the application and submit the required documents, you can track the ICICI home loan application status online, via their mobile app, or even offline by visiting the bank’s branch in person. If you want to check your ICICI Home Loan Status instantly without stepping out, you can do so by using the bank’s online platform or app. This helps you stay updated on how soon your application is likely to get approved and to quickly fix any issues with your application that might come up and speed up the entire process of loan approval. 

What is an Online ICICI Home Loan Tracker? 

The online ICICI Home Loan tracker is a one-click service that allows you to easily track the status of your home loan from your device – smartphone, computer or tablet. You can enter simple details such as your ICICI Home Loan application number and mobile number to use the service and quickly access the loan status. In case extra documents are required along the way, you will be notified and you can upload them directly on the portal, saving you the time you would’ve wasted in visiting the bank’s branch.          

Note: Besides checking the status on the bank’s online portal, you can also email the bank’s customer care department to track the ICICI Home Loan Status.   

How to Check Your ICICI Home Loan Application Status Online? 

You can easily track the status of your ICICI home loan application online on the bank’s official website. Below are the steps to track which stage your loan is in on the status tracking tool: 

  • Visit the ICICI official website. 
  • Now, hover over the ‘Loan’ section on the page and click ‘Home Loans’. 
  • Click the ‘Check Loan Status’ button. This will take you to the Loan Tracking page. 
  •  Depending on whether you are looking for the status for loan sanction or disbursement, enter the home loan application number and the mobile number you entered while filling up the application. 
  • Click Send OTP. Type in the OTP you receive on your mobile. 
  • Once logged in, you can view the status of your ICICI Bank Home Loan application on the screen.  

How to Check Your ICICI Loan Status via Email? 

Simply send an email specifying your loan application number to the authorized mail address of the bank’s loan processing or customer care department. You may also want to mention your mobile number in your email. Wait for a day or two and you will receive a response from a bank representative with your ICICI home loan status. 

How to Check ICICI Home Loan Status via Mobile App? 

You can also choose to check your ICICI Bank Home Loan status from the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet by downloading and logging into the ICICI Bank mobile app. Below are the steps to track your ICICI Home Loan status via the ICICI iMobile application: 

  • Download the ICICI iMobile App on your mobile or tablet from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.  You can also get the download link directly by SMSing ‘iMobile’ to 5676766. You can alternatively visit the ‘iMobile – ICICI Mobile Banking App’ page and submit the 10-digit mobile number entered in the home loan application. 
  • Once you download the app, go to ‘Create a New Account’ tab to start creating a new account. After entering details and successfully creating an account, you can login using your fingerprint or PIN. In case you already have an account, click ‘I Already Have an Account’ tab and enter your mobile number. Once you verify the mobile number, you can get access to your account. 
  • In the following step, click on ‘Cards, Loans & Forex’ from the options available on the page under ‘What would you like to do today?’ 
  • Now, click on the ‘Loan Account’ tab from the visible list, and your ICICI Bank accounts will show up on the screen. 
  • Select the specific bank account number you had used to apply for the ICICI home loan. 
  • On the bank’s “Track New Loan” page, enter all the required details such as the application number, your mode of application, date of birth, your name, and more. 
  • After you enter all details, make sure you verify them before you hit the ‘Submit’ button. 
  • The present status of your ICICI Bank home loan application will be displayed on the screen. 

How to Check Your ICICI Bank Home Loan Status Offline? 

By Phone: You can find out the home loan application status by calling the ICICI Bank customer care number. You can simply follow the steps to know the ICICI Home Loan Status via call: 

  • First, log into the official ICICI Bank website. 
  • Under the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the upper-right corner of the ICICI Bank website’s homepage, click on the ‘Contact Us’ link.  
  • Now, click the Customer Care link. You will find the ICICI Personal Banking helpline number here. You can also call on alternate numbers shown here based on the city you are in. 

Dial the number, speak to an ICICI Bank representative and enquire about the status of your home loan application.    

By Visiting the Bank Branch: In certain cases, a customer may prefer to visit a bank branch in person to know the ICICI Home Loan Status. Once you fill out and submit the ICICI home loan application, it takes the bank approximately 3 to 4 weeks to completely process the application and to update you its status.  

Before you visit the bank to check the ICICI home loan application status, make sure to carry all the required details such as your reference number and the mobile number you used for your home loan application. These details are unique identifiers and will help the customer care representative to quickly search and find out your home loan status.     

How to Check Your ICICI Bank Home Loan Status on Fincity? 

Every Fincity customer can log onto the Fincity online portal and track their ICICI home loan application status. They can also choose to call the customer care number directly and find out the loan status from them. Below are steps involved: 

  • Online: Follow the steps below to track your ICICI home loan application online. 
    • Click https://app.fincity.com and sign in. 
    • Once logged in, you can view your active applications on the Fincity dashboard. 
    • Click the ‘View Application’ option under the specific application whose status you want to check. 
    • You can check the stage your application has reached on the upper-right section of this page. 
  • Via Phone: You can also choose to call a Fincity home loan advisor at +91 8296242646 and have them help you find out the ICICI home loan status instantly. 

Other Ways to Track Your ICICI Home Loan Status 

First, log onto the ICICI website and click ‘Check Loan Status’. If you know your application number, you can enter that detail along with your mobile number into the required fields. Now, you will be required to answer a few security questions – these answers need to match the ones you have already provided the bank. If you are unable to locate your ICICI home loan reference number, you can use other details such as your name, date of birth, loan type, and PAN card number to find out your home loan status. Click Submit once you enter the required details. 


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