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FAQs on Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

Find your home loan eligibility here. Banks lend out home loans only to those people that are able to pay them back. The bank determines your ability to repay a loan based on many factors – like your age, place of residence, credit score, current income, loan amount required, etc.
Usually, you’d have to fill out all these details with a bank employee and wait a few days before he/she tells you if you’re eligible or not. Save time, and use our home loan eligibility calculator.

Fincity’s free home loan eligibility calculator does all the hard work for you. Just input the required details – and check your eligibility to take a home loan in a few seconds!

Eligibility to get a home loan is primarily dependent on your ability to convince the bank that you are a safe bet – a person who can and will pay back their loan. To increase your eligibility to get a good home loan at a low rate of interest, you could try:
1. Reducing the number of other active EMIs – if you have an active car loan or personal loan – clear that off first so that more of your income can be used for home loan EMI.
2. Add a co-applicant or guarantor. This increases the bank’s confidence in your ability to repay as there’s someone that can vouch for you.
3. Build your credit score by using a credit card (and repaying on time)
4. Communicate other income sources and investments to the bank – this will increase their confidence in you.

Generally, loan applicants with CIBIL scores over 650 have their home loan applications approved. Lower CIBIL scores around 550 are also eligible, depending on other factors like income, existing EMIs, et