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Fincity.com is a digital lending marketplace; we have partnered with 50+ banks and NBFCs to provide you with fully transparent ways to avail the best loan products suited to your needs. We guarantee the best products in terms of interest rate, loan amount and other hidden charges.

You can easily check the monthly EMI on your selected Home Loan with the Fincity EMI calculator. Once you enter the loan amount required, preferred tenure and rate of interest, you will be shown the monthly EMI payable, total amount payable at the end of the tenure along with a breakdown of the repayment schedule.

You can use the Fincity Eligibility calculator to check your loan affordability. Enter the basic required details such as date of birth, type of employment, property cost, etc and know the maximum loan amount and tenure you’re eligible for.

Your home loan rate of interest is determined by the lender; they take into account factors such as the applicant’s profession (salaried, self-employed professional or self-employed non-professional), credit score, income, age, property location/type, financial obligations, and repayment history of previous loans. It also depends on the borrowed loan amount and your contribution for the purchase.

Try the Fincity Eligibility Calculator to check your loan eligibility and understand your home loan interest rate. We will find you your Rate Match that makes your Home Loan a stress-free, seamless experience. Our interest rates start from 6.99%, and we work with over 30 partners to get you the best loans.

It depends on the concerned lender. Our TAT is the best in the industry and typically ranges from 7 to 15 days. Factors affecting this are:

  • Loan application submission: Ensure all required details are entered accurately in the digital application and all the documents are provided as mentioned in the provided checklist. Any delay or misinformation can result in back and forth communication and delay in the overall process.
  • Eligibility issue : Your loan requirement is higher than your loan eligibility, i.e. the loan amount that your income supports.
  • Loan history: Your prior loan track has issues, requiring detailed explanation and negotiation with the lender.
  • Property issues and legal: If the property is purchased from the builder and it already has pre-approval from banks, then there is no legal requirement. If the property is resale and not pre-approved, legal formalities have to be done; it takes time depending on lawyer documents, etc, required.

This is decided by the lender and is subject to change at their discretion.

This can range anywhere from Rs.5,900 to Rs.11,800 if you’re salaried, and 0.25-0.50% of the loan amount if you are a self-employed professional or self-employed non-professional.

Fincity experts ensure that you get the best terms from the bank.

Note: All the products and solutions we recommend include all costs including processing charges.

Our services are free of cost to customers. Our only goal is to make your Home Loan experience convenient, transparent and easy from beginning to end.

  • Compare Loans from Multiple Lenders: We help you compare different Home Loan products and find your Rate Match, i.e. the best Home Loan with the lowest rate and best benefits/terms.
  • End-to-end Expert Assistance: We offer end-to-end assistance for a hiccup-free experience during your Home Loan journey. Reach out to a Fincity advisor at any time for expert guidance for free.
  • Home Loan Calculators: Our range of calculators help you make informed decisions. You can check your loan eligibility, calculate your EMI, check your Home Loan Balance Transfer savings and check your Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) eligibility.
  • Online Application and Tracking: You can not only apply for Home Loans online on Fincity but also keep a track of the application status in just clicks.

It is paid to the state government when you are doing a Home Loan Balance Transfer and cannot be avoided.

i) MODT Charges : MODT or Memorandum for Deposit of Title Deed is an undertaking that a home loan borrower gives to the lender stating that they have deposited the title documents for the property at their own free will in return for a loan. The charge for this is defined by the government of the state from where you’re taking the loan.

  • Karnataka – 0.2% of Loan Amount
  • Delhi – NA
  • Gurgaon – NA
  • Pune/Mumbai – NA
  • Hyderabad – 0.1-0.5% of loan amount

ii) Processing Fee: This depends on the lender you’re taking the Home Loan from. It may even change at the discretion of the lender.

Note: Interest rate and processing fee is subject to change at the discretion of the lender.

iii) Home Loan insurance: This depends on the lender. However, Fincity highly recommended that you opt for Home Loan insurance to protect your family against the burden of loan repayment in case of temporary/permanent disability, loss of job, death or any such eventuality.

iv) Khata affidavit (if khata is not available): While some lenders may not levy a charge for this, others charge a franking and notary fee of Rs.200.

v) Home Loan Balance Transfer annexure: Generally Rs.200 franking and notary charges apply for this. However, some lenders do not charge a fee for the purpose.

You may be eligible to avail of PMAY subsidy if you fall under the urban poor segment (Economically Weaker Section or Lower Income Category) or Middle Income Category as defined under the scheme.


Household Income (Rs.)Upto 3 Lakh3-6 Lakh6-12 lakh12-18 Lakh
Carpet Area in sqm3060160200
Interest Subsidy (% p.a.)6.5%4.0%3.0%
Maximum Loan Tenure20 Years
Eligible Loan Amount (Rs)6,00,000/-9,00,000/-12,00,000/-
Discounted NPV Rate9%
Upfront amount for Subsidy (Rs.) for a 20 Year Loan2,67,280/-2,35,068/-2,30,156/-
Approx. monthly savings @ Loan Interest of 10%2,500/-2,250/-2,200/-

Please check your PMAY Eligibility with the Fincity PMAY Eligibility Calculator.

No – Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) benefit is applicable only on the first home purchased in your name or in the name of any member of your family. The family’s household income should be between Rs.3-18 lakhs per annum.

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