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Our partner network is one of the key anchors of our business model. We join hands with competent micro-entrepreneurs with the necessary credentials who in turn leverage their personal/social network to introduce and sell our Home Loans and other financial products to customers. Ethics and transparency is at the core of our culture and Fincity business partners are our representative in the market in a big way.

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Reasons Why You Should Join Our Entrepreneur Network!

  1. Work at your leisure
    You work on your time and be the master of your workload! Bottomline is - the more business you bring in, the more you earn. That said, you can work on your schedule and set your own goal based on your target incentive.
  2. You are our movers and shakers
    Our business partner network is a crucial part of our credit supply chain and an important revenue generator for us; we believe it has a huge potential for growth.